Essential Oils for Back to School

Essential Oils for Back to School

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This is a crazy time for kids to be going back to school. With all the unknown, I am sure everyone wants all the tips and tricks possible to keep their children safe and healthy. Where we are, our schools have decided not to open just yet so our children will be schooling from home for a bit. But I know not everyone has that option. So I have put together a list of essential oils for back to school that can help keep your children healthy and focused this school year. Feel free to use these at home too! As a healthcare professional, I don’t know what germs I bring home to my children and husband everyday, so I am definitely using these on all of us to help keep us healthy.

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On Guard is doTERRA’s protective blend that supports healthy immune function when taken internally. For internal use, you can use a veggie cap, put a drop or two in a cup of water, or soak some sliced apples in water with a few drops of On Guard for a healthy, immune boosting snack.

This oil can also be used as a hand sanitizer. You can get doTERRA’s hand sanitizer here (it does not contain the 60% alcohol that is recommended by the CDC at this time) or you can make your own like I do with alcohol, aloe vera gel, and On Guard essential oil.

On Guard is also an effective all-purpose surface cleaner. You can get doTERRA’s here.

As you can see, this oil wears many hats and can be used in multiple ways to help keep our children (and ourselves) safe and healthy.


I don’t know if it is just my little one but tummy bugs seem to just live at school. She seemed to have one every other week last school year. DigestZen came in handy very frequently. My little will even ask me for it now if she starts to feel crummy. At the first sign of indigestion, rub it on the abdomen in the direction of the large colon (start right lower abdomen, rub up the right side, across the top, and down the left side) and put a little inside the naval. 

On a side note, I also get pretty bad heartburn and this roller ball is a life saver. I applied it on my chest, neck, and abdomen and my heartburn disappeared. I have done this multiple times.


For attention and focus, in a 10 mL roller ball, combine

Apply to back of neck prior to school, during class, while studying, or before a test. Or get doTERRA’s InTune blend here. I currently use this when I have to sit down and focus on my blog to get things done. Otherwise, I can’t decide where to start and nothing gets done.

Essential Oils for Back to School


Children (actually everyone) need an adequate amount of sleep every night for immunity, focus, and mood. Diffuse serenity or lavender at night. You can get a good diffuser here. Or you can make your own roller ball below.

Sweet Dreams Rollerball

Apply to bottoms of feet at bedtime.

Morning Routine

Mornings are hard. No one wants to get up and get ready….including me. This blend helps with the energy to get up and moving so we can all start our day in a good mood (hopefully).

Rise & Shine Morning Blend

Apply to pulse points upon awakening for a burst of energy.

Anxiety/Stress Relief

Anxiety and stress seem to be a part of life but it can become overwhelming at times. When this happens, I get out this roller ball and apply to my pulse points on my neck and wrists, temples, and back of my neck.

Calming Blend

To recap:

For immunity, On Guard increases your immunity.

Use DigestZen roller ball for any tummy troubles.

For help during class time, homework, studying, or test time use InTune.

For a good nights sleep, diffuse lavender or serenity.

To get your day started, make the rise and shine morning blend.

And for anxiety/stress, make the calming blend. 

This list of back to school oils are a MUST HAVE for your kids. There are WAY more. But these are the ones I consider essential. You can find the ingredients for these oils here.

What other oils do you like to use for going back to school?

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