Holistic recharge
my 3 month group program

I am only working with 10 women who are serious about prioritizing thier life and health

Calling all moms that need accountabilty to prioritize their health and take back their life! If you long for freedom, good nights sleep, ability to relax, and stress free family time, then this program is for you!

what you get

Tracking your stress triggers

By using my Trigger Tracker, you determine what your stress and anxiety triggers are. In doing so you create ways to deal with them, alter them to make them less stressful, and/or eliminate them all together. 

Nutrition and Exercise Training

By learning which foods increase stress levels and which ones help, you can better control and eliminate stress. Learn the importance of exercise and how it helps with stress levels and overall health and determine which type of exercise is best for you.

Essential Oils

Learn which essential oils help control or eliminate stress, increase restful sleep, and uplift your mood to help you feel more energetic, happy, and rested. 

Habit stacking

Learn which habits to add to your current routines and how to add them effectively. Habits of focus are journaling, affirmations, meditation, exercise, yoga, earthing, and gratitude journaling.

Clutter Eliminator

Believe it or not, both physical and virtual clutter (think apps on your phone or desktop) play a part on your stress levels. By reducing the "things" in your life, it reduces the amount of stress that you have. 

Tackle Your budget

By tackling your budget and developing a plan for your money, you greatly decrease your stress levels. One of the number one causes of stress are finances. I have a template that will help you track your expenses so that you control your money instead of it controling you.

Learn to Say "no"

Western culture encourages busyness. You aren't successful unless you are busy. Learn to say "no" to things you really don't want to do so that you can spend more time on things you really enjoy and with the people you want to spend more time with. 

Join Holistic Recharge group coaching program for accountability with prioritizing your health and self-care!