Ultimate List of Fall Diffuser Blends to Make Your Home Smell Delicious!

Ultimate List of Fall Diffuser Blends to Make Your Home Smell Delicious!

Fall is quickly approaching. Lots of people look forward to the crisp cool air, the pumpkins, and the leggings and boots. Personally I am a summer girl but I do enjoy the cool air (sometimes) and what that brings with it. Thanksgiving! (and college football). But really, Thanksgiving IS my favorite holiday. Because this is when our family comes together, eats, laughs, and has a good time (and I love my mom’s dressing!)

What About Candles?

Most candles these days are made of paraffin. Paraffin candles can release dangerous carcinogens into the air for you to breathe in. Although some say the amount is negligible, really isn’t any amount of carcinogens too much? My question is always, how much is too much and when do you get there? If you leave and come back do you start back at zero? Do you have to be gone a certain amount of time? Or is it something that builds up? (My mind takes me on these roller coaster questions far too often.) These toxins can cause allergies, asthma attacks (both my husband and I have asthma so this is always a concern), or even cancer. I used to really like burning candles. But when I stumbled upon this information they all ended up in the trash. 

Now I use my diffuser and our essential oils. Not only do they make our home smell great, but they also have other benefits. I can diffuse oils when we are feeling under the weather, to prevent us from getting sick or purely just for the smell. It’s a win-win-win!

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Ultimate List of Fall Diffuser Blends

Fall Diffuser Blends

Okay. I think I kept you long enough. Here are my favorite fall diffuser blends (14 to be exact) for the upcoming time of year for you to enjoy. Some of these smell just delicous!


Apple Pie

Orange Spice

Happy Harvest

Hay Ride

Fall Leaves

Moon Dance

Spiced Cider

Sweet Fall

Pumpkin Spice

Spiced Fall

Spiced Orange

Pumpkin Pie

Autumn Hike

Halloween Night

Let me know what you think? What is your favorite fall diffuser blend?

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