Why I Started an Essential Oils Blog

Why I Started an Essential Oils Blog

Essential Oils Blog

My Backstory

I have been obsessed fascinated with natural medicine for years. I am a registered nurse of 8 years and I have worked in many different areas in several hospitals. About 3 years into nursing, I became intrigued with whole health and preventative medicine. Since then, I have changed mine and my family’s lifestyle gradually but dramatically. Essential oils are just one of the things I am passionate about. I wanted to learn more about them and even took a class through the hospital I worked at. We offered essential oils to our patients and I wanted to learn more. I got a few essential oils for personal use and played around a bit but didn’t do much with them. I knew I eventually wanted to become involved with an essential oil company but hadn’t really done any research yet. Now I am starting an essential oils blog so that I can teach others the awesomeness of essential oils and how they can REALLY change your life.

Essential Oils; Holistic Medicine 

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So Why Essential Oils You Ask?

My then 3 year old daughter became sick with sinus congestion (and you know how hard it is for them to sleep when they can’t breathe) and a coworker suggested diffusing tea tree oil in her room at night. So I got some and diffused it in her room with a cheap diffuser we had. Within a couple days her mucous and congestion had dried up on its own with no use of western medicine. I even turned my skeptic husband into a believer!

You may think I am against western medicine but I assure you, I am not (I can’t be…it is literally my job). However, I do believe that medications are over used and over prescribed. I feel this has made a lot of people lazy regarding their health (sorry, not sorry). Our society wants a pill for minor symptoms and they want quick fixes rather than taking care of themselves or looking for something less harsh on their bodies. As a nurse, I know that medications are important and necessary and they help tons of people but they also come with MANY side effects. They may help one symptom, but cause another (or more). Sometimes the side effects are worse than the reason you were taking the medication in the first place. (I said sometimes).

Why Blog?

I think many people are curious about essential oils but don’t know where to find accurate information. I started this blog to help them find this information. There are hundreds of essential oils and they all have many different uses. Are they safe to take orally? Use topically? Clean with? Safe with kids? Or pets? I will do my very best to answer all of these questions on this blog and more! Can they help with weight loss? Anxiety? Wound healing? The questions are endless (and so are the answers). Not many scientific studies are out there regarding essential oils either, but I am going to find all that I can. If there is a specific question you want me to answer, please comment below.

Do not use this blog or any other as an excuse to stop taking your medications that are prescribed by a physician. But talk with your provider and with your doctors approval and guidance, look for other more natural ways to control/cure your symptoms rather than masking them and maybe you can even stop taking your prescribed medications. Again, with your doctor’s guidance! I still take prescribed medications but my goal is to be able to come off of those eventually and my provider and I are working together to do that. If your doctor is not open to holistic medicine then I suggest changing doctors to one that is.

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